Do you want the best elo boosting service for LOL? The best website we can recommend is boosteria. The eloboosters offers several features such as trusted League of Legends boosting, trustworthy boosters and advanced elo service. If it’s your first time to use a booster, you might be hesitant to use it. Yet, here are some frequently asked questions that will serve as your guide in deciding if boosting is for you. Learn more about duo boosting on

Do you offer high-quality boosters?

You won’t have the best experience in playing LOL if you don’t have a high-quality booster. At boosteria, we ensure that you’ll be provided the best lolboost through our experienced boosters. Our boosters have their own profile so you’re guided by the capability of the booster you’ll choose. You can also see their rank, available user reviews and order statistics. If you want to chat with the booster, our system will allow you to do it.

Will my account be safe?

Yes. We’re proud to say that your account will be safe. We ensure to hire trustworthy players whose goal is to provide high-quality service to our clients. Our aim is to ensure that you’ll be happy when you hire us. We won’t steal your account. We only aim customer satisfaction.

Will boosters chat with my friends?

As we said earlier, we won’t steal your account. So, it means that we’ll not use it without your consent. It includes that our boosters will not chat with your friends. They will keep in silence while using your account for gaming.

Can I use my account during boost?

No. It’s not possible and it’s against our terms and conditions. If you attempt to do it, your boost becomes shorter as it will be penalized. You’re allowed to play during normal games. However, you must inform the booster that you’ll use it.