Are you planning to step a notch higher when it comes to racing? Well, if you’re considering triathlon as your new sports, it’s a good start. However, don’t rush things. You may end up giving up early especially if you initially join the Ironman World Champion. You may get exhausted too fast and you may not even finish half a mile of the swimming event. Learn more about triathlon search me on this site

To prepare yourself on the biggest event, here’s a beginner’s guide for triathlon athletes.

Start short

Begin your training with short distance before going to the longer version. Preparing yourself with shorter distance avoids injuries as you start increasing the number of miles on your training. Your training goal is not only about increasing the number of miles you can perform. You must develop endurance as you train so you can endure the struggles you’ll face as you meet your goals.

Event near you

Before you buy an airplane ticket on your first triathlon event, join an event nearest to you. If you join an event near you, your race day hassle will be reduced. You’ll have more time to rest before you join the event. You don’t even have to think how to prepare your luggage. When you’re participating an event nearby, you usually prepare your gears and water – that’s it.

Wetsuit investment

You’ll be tempted to buy a wetsuit because you’re friends told you. But wait, you don’t need to buy one – at least not today. You can start your training with swimsuit and a pair of goggles that are made for lap swimming. You can start practicing in a pool that allows wearing a swimsuit. Once you’re ready to go for an open water event, you can invest in buying a wetsuit. But if you don’t have the budget yet, rent one.