With more than 400 million online users, Badoo certainly is one of the most visited sites for singles looking for friends, hook ups, serious relationships, romance, whatever you may want to call it.  In other words, those who want to be connected should consider Badoo opinie and recommendations from those who are already using the app.  Read on to see its top features!


Badoo has this imaginative facial recognition feature that enables its user to find a partner that looks like their celebrity crushes.  The dream of being with Chris Evans, David Beckham, Stephen Curry or anyone you dreamt to be together with is now possible with this feature.  Now, if you are worried of your competition, you can be a step ahead of them because you could also see who your twin celebrity is!  Of course, this depends how appealing your profile picture is.  So, pick the one that you are most comfortable with. topserwisrandkowy.pl has various tutorials related to Badoo opinie.

Super Powers

With this feature you could see who wants to meet you and their specific information unlike with other users who don’t have this add-on.  Also, your message is always on top of the line which enables you to be seen first other than regular users. With this you would have a chance to get your match sooner than the other seekers.


Finding a match within your vicinity is not easy.  But not with this Badoo feature.  Its geolocation capability allows you to be physically with someone you’re interested with, anytime you want!  Though for some who already know their soul mate lives beyond the Pacific, this might not be an option.  But for some who considers Badoo opinie andprefers nearby connections, this would be of great help.


Badoo credits allows you to be seen, most importantly – prioritized.  The higher your credits are the more you rise up above the other users which enable you to get noticed first.