Given the fact that there’s literally dozens of cosmetic brands and procedures in the market that targets people who wanted to get into shape, it’s not surprising that a fairly new technology using contour light is creating a huge buzz.

What is Contour Light?

As the name implies, it is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that helps eliminate fat cells using a light emitting diode (LED). Since it targets a specific area of the body, the treatment is consisted of ten (10) sessions with each session being conducted three days apart from each other. Find more details about it on

How it works

The LED system is attached to flexible soft heating pads, which are conveniently placed in contact of the targeted area. The pads are usually held in place with adjustable straps and other similar contraptions.

The LED system emits a light wavelength of around 600 to 635nm. Though this range still needs further clinical trials to be proven as the optimum range, several studies have concluded that a 635 nm-light stimulates fat cells that eventually leads to release and degradation of fat to its simpler components. In layman’s term, the light helps eliminate the fat by deflating the cells.

Since contour light treatment is highly non-invasive, the worst discomfort a patient might feel is the slight feeling of warmth on the targeted area. Also, because the technology only uses LED, you can safely use your mobile gadgets while in treatment. This can come in handy as a single session usually lasts up to 25 minutes.

Can anyone undergo contour light procedure?

While contour light LED system is generally safe and effective, the treatment is still not recommended for patients who have serious liver and kidney problems. Thus, just like any other medical and cosmetic procedure, you must consult your physician before booking a contour light treatment session.