Are you struggling to find a great top job? Do you know someone who has been offered the first job in which they applied in every stage of their growing career? There are a lot of people who actually exixts, but are far outnumbered by the rest majority on our luck to job hunting success to encounter rejection.

Here are tips to get over with rejections and get a great top job in the future:

Do not take it personally. Rejection is never a good feeling. Although it is always a part of life and a part of looking for a career. There are a lot of companies offering the same job description as you would want the position. Always try your luck to other companies. You maty not please everyone but not everyone has the same perspective like the other.

Have an alternative. The hiring and recruitment team are really good in reading the capabilities of the applicant. You may not fit on the job position that the company is looking for but there are other possible positions open for you. There is always